International aerospace components supplier, Shimtech Industries has acquired US-based Angeles Composites Technologies Inc (ACTI).

 This follows the company’s 2013 acquisition and subsequent expansion of Performance Plastics Inc, based in San Diego, California.

ACTI is a supplier of advanced structural composite assemblies. Its capabilities include the design and manufacture of autoclave and oven-cured composite components and structures, including high temperature materials, CNC machining, tooling and final assembly of primary and secondary airframe substructures.

Typical products manufactured by ACTI include aircraft flight control surfaces, nacelles, fairings, cowls, panels, doors and brackets as well as a variety of other reinforced thermoset components and structures.

Broad capability

‘ACTI has a very broad capability base and a reputation for providing high quality, cost-effective, build-to-print solutions for composite parts as well as large, complex structural sub-assemblies,’ said Howard Kimberley, Shimtech CEO.

‘As well as more than doubling our current autoclave and lay-up capacity, the acquisition of ACTI provides a significant up-shift in the size, scale and complexity of Shimtech’s capability.

‘With the integration of ACTI, we can now fabricate much larger composite structures of up to 40 ft (12 m) in length with a cross section of up to 10 ft (3 m). This now establishes Shimtech as a cost effective source for larger fuselage, wing and empennage structure.

‘We also now join a small group of specialist suppliers worldwide with the capability to cure at the highest possible temperatures required by higher performance thermoset materials and resin systems.’