Sika adds that the new products complement its existing range of products for the production of epoxy composite moulds.

In this instance the resins combine to give tooling with temperature resistance in the range of 130°C. In addition to the Biresin S8 polishable epoxy resin gelcoat and the Biresin CR132 and Biresin CR131 resins for hand lay-up and infusion respectively, Sika now has a coupling layer resin system, Biresin CR132 ST, and a backing resin with high thermal conductance, Biresin CR136.

Biresin CR132 ST is a pasty epoxy resin system which is used to couple the S8 gelcoat to the first laminate layer, ensuring no drainage, every corner is filled and that there is very little print through of the first fabric layer. No handling of dusty, dry powders is necessary.

Biresin CR136 is a filled epoxy system which helps conduct heat flow across the area of moulds heated by steam, oil or other fluids. This distributes the heat and ensures that all areas of the tool are equally heated.

All the resins in this range are fully compatible leading to a high performance, easy-to-use tooling system with Tg of 130°C, allowing usage up to 120°C.