Composites UK says that its members have supported its recently launched 2018 – 2021 Safety in Manufacturing Plastics and Composites strategy (SIMPLC).
SIMPLC aims to progress accident and ill-health reduction by helping to embed a health and safety culture within composite businesses.
Organization members are encouraged to implement a health and safety management system that is appropriate for their size of organisation and nature of business.

‘Here at Tufcot we are very keen to support the SIMPLC strategy,’ said David Green, Quality/H&S Manager at Tufcot Composites, which has backed the strategy. ‘The composites industry is growing and innovating into new materials and processes, nevertheless all companies are likely to face the same or similar H&S issues. We have seen from failings in other sectors how important it is to take an industry wide approach to these issues, not only to protect our workforces but also our reputations.’

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