Zyex’s product range focuses on PEEK polymer based fibers.
Zyex’s product range focuses on PEEK polymer based fibers.

Polymer specialist Victrex plc has acquired Zyex, which makes PEEK based fibers for the aerospace, automotive and industrial markets.

Zyex is a long-standing customer of Victrex and like Victrex, Zyex was formed out of ICI. Its product range focuses on PEEK polymer based fibers for applications such as process belting, filtration or wiring harnesses, with manufacturing facilities in Gloucestershire, UK. 

The move will reportedly enable Victrex to offer differentiated PEEK-based products to open-up new markets in line with its strategy. It will also enable the company to explore the potential of additive manufacturing within the fibers area, building on the additive manufacturing consortium announced by Victres in 2016.

‘The acquisition of Zyex is compelling for Victrex, enabling us to drive future growth opportunities within well-aligned markets and developing application areas,’ said David Hummel, chief executive of Victrex. ‘This is in line with our strategy to offer selected and differentiated semi-finished product forms and parts for our customers, building on our core polymer offering.’

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