Wind Energy and Electricity Prices was carried out for the EWEA by the independent consultancy Pöyry AS. It brings together the findings of case-studies in Germany, Denmark and Belgium.

The report finds that in the case-studies, electricity prices were reduced by between €3-23/MWh depending on the amount of wind power. It concludes that the studies, “essentially draw similar conclusions” that “an increased penetration of wind power reduces wholesale spot prices.”

“It has already been well-established that wind reduces CO2 emissions,” says Christian Kjaer, EWEA CEO. “But now we have stronger evidence than ever before that wind power also reduces electricity prices for consumers. The message is clear – if you want affordable CO2-free electricity, increase the amount of wind power in your electricity mix.”

The technology that sets the price on the wholesale market is usually hard coal. Wind replaces hard coal power plants during hours of low demand and gas fired power plants during hours of high demand in all the countries the report analysed.