Xamax Industries has granted an intellectual property license (IPL) for a range of its product to US plastic packaging manufacturer Berry Plastics.

These products include Xamax’s thermoplastic surfacing laminate products and technology used in the production of various continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic material (CFRTP) systems and thermoplastic sandwich panels.

The thermoplastic surfacing laminate products, under the FloLam brand, are designed and developed as a component for various continuous fiber reinforced Thermoplastic material (CFRTP) systems and thermoplastic sandwich panels. FloLam bonds to the surface of CFRTP/panel substrate and becomes the protective outer surface, adding cosmetic appeal, the company says. It can be manufactured with a variety of additives such as UV inhibitors, flame retardants, antimicrobials, and custom pigments.

‘It is Xamax and Berry’s mutual objective to strengthen the support for existing applications, and investigate the market to support emerging technologies and future applications with new products,’ the companies said in a press release.

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