Molecor, a Spanish company founded in 2006, is the current leading company in the development of the Molecular Orientation Technology applied to water under pressure canalizations. Its genuine and exclusive technology has allowed the company to launch innovative developments over the years into the market that nowadays it is considered one of the most important referents of growth, continuous improvement and internationalization.

The success of Molecor's technology is not only based on its pioneering character but also demonstrated by its incredible results. It consists of a completely dry and clean air system that distributes the air in a specific way to achieve the maximum degree of orientation, replacing boiling water used in other manufacturing processes. This new system developed by Molecor allows manufacturing Class 500 PVC-O pipes with better mechanical properties and therefore a higher quality final product: TOM® pipes.

This article appeared in the July–August 2018 issue of Reinforced Plastics.

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