The machine is expected to find applications in wind energy and aerospace sectors, where large amounts of composite materials are used.

The VectorTechTex FX Extended cutter is designed to meet the needs of companies cutting very long pieces of composite materials such as those used in the production of products such as wind turbine blades and helicopter rotor blades. The machine is able to cut pieces up to 4.2 m long and 2.5 cm thick.

Lectra claims this model offers an increase in productivity of up to 20% when cutting long pieces, compared with standard Vector TechTex cutters. It can also be fitted with an inkjet printer to ensure the traceability of cut pieces.

Lectra is also introducing an Offload system as an option on all Vector cutters, which is designed to help companies streamline the process of unloading pieces and prevent sorting errors, and a new version of the Vector Pilot software (version V1R2) for the Vector range, which incorporates new options and production process functions and is easier to use.