The new product range is designed to deliver productivity and performance benefits to OEMs constructing and operating wind turbines in challenging on- and off-shore locations with different wind speed conditions.

In combination with this redefined wind product platform, Owens Corning also unveiled its next-generation Ultrablade® G3 unidirectional and new Ultrablade® Triax fabric solutions for specific wind turbine rotor blade applications.

"The primary objective of turbine OEMs is to reduce total energy production cost to align wind power with other energy sources," says Dr. Christopher Skinner, Director of Product Platforms for Owens Corning's Composite Solutions Business. "To help achieve a reduction in the cost of energy, future wind turbines need to be manufactured as economically as possible while generating as much power as possible. Our new range of WindStrand® and Ultrablade® products deliver enhanced performance to address these needs."

The new product range comprises WindStrand® 2000, WindStrand® 3000, and WindStrand®4000 Type 30® rovings - all of which provide high weaving efficiencies for fabrics with optimised performance at 90 degrees (T). Each product is designed to perform at differing higher fibre volume fraction (FVF) levels. The new WindStrand® products deliver lower resin consumption, contributing to an overall blade weight reduction of 2-6%, depending on the specific application and roving utilised.

Owens Corning adds that the new Ultrablade® G3 unidirectional (UD) fabric offers a high modulus and good 90-degree (T) performance, and up to 20% greater resistance to long-term fatigue loads. Its architecture can be customised to specific end-use applications to meet market requirements for longer blades both on-shore and off-shore, and in low-wind areas. Ultrablade® G3 fabric displays excellent mechanical properties when used in UD spar cap application. It can also help reduce overall blade mass by up to 5%. Combined with an operating FVF level of more than 57%, Ultrablade® G3 UD fabric can help increase blade lengths by up to 20% for turbines operating in low-wind, on-shore areas.

According to the company, the optimal construction of the new Ultrablade® Triax fabric increases blade root laminate stiffness and strength providing a reduction of up to 17 percent of the load transferred to rotor blade root bolts, thereby substantially improving bolt fatigue life.

Other recent product launches from Owens Corning include SMC roving for automotive applications and Performax®SE4849 Type 30® roving for long fibre reinforced thermoplastic polypropylene