Toyota was one of the 33 founding members of AZL, which was established in 2013 as a hub for developing mass production technologies for components made of composites and other lightweight materials.

Toyota will benefit significantly from the interdisciplinary cooperation between differentsectors through which we ensure that future challenges in terms of waste minimisation, process capability, quality assurance and production planning can be achieved.
Dr. Kai Fischer, MD, AZL

Toyota has now decided to become a premium partner of the AZL.

The cooperation will focus on the identification and development of production systems and quality assurance methods necessary for realising large series production of lightweight automotive components. The lightweighting of exterior and structural components is being pursued by car makers around the world as they strive to improve their vehicles' fuel economy and reduce emissions. 

"We, as a service provider for lightweight production technology, offer our partners holistic solutions along the entire value chain of composites," explains Dr. Kai Fischer, Managing Director of AZL Aachen GmbH.

"This encloses research and development in the areas of materials, processes, machinery and production systems. Together, we develop future technologies for lightweight production."