Under the technology and marketing agreement, GBT will promote Zoltek carbon fibres in the development of blade designs when the performance parameters require the superior properties of carbon fibres. Zoltek has agreed to offer a low-cost supply of high-performance carbon fibres to GBT’s clients which seek design assistance or other technical support in the development and production of long blades.

“We recognised Zoltek’s leadership and proven success in the application of carbon fibres in the wind energy market,” says Jan Willem van der Werff, President of GBT. “GBT believes Zoltek has the best value proposition for users of carbon fibres in wind turbine blades. We are pleased to establish this relationship with Zoltek and expect it will improve our abilities to support our customers’ needs.”

“We are pleased to announce this alliance with GBT, which we believe can have strategic value to Zoltek by playing a key role in facilitating and speeding up the whole process of design and development at the leading edge of the wind turbine business,” notes Zsolt Rumy, Zoltek’s Chairman and CEO. “GBT’s founders are highly regarded in the industry for their expertise in the design and production of advanced wind turbine blades. GBT will be serving original equipment manufacturers in a variety of ways – from design and engineering through various stages of manufacture, including supply of moulds and production of prototype blades. We are gratified that GBT has recognised Zoltek’s commercial carbon fibres as the key enabling material in designing and building the most efficient and powerful wind turbines.”

GBT, based in Utrecht, offers design, engineering, prototype development, testing and manufacturing assistance to wind turbine and wind turbine blade manufacturers.

Zoltek Companies Inc is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.