Trelleborg has developed TC350, a high temperature castable epoxy tooling material.

According to the company, the material has a high operating temperature of up to +180 OC, maintaining its shape at elevated temperatures for repeated direct to part manufacturing.

TC250 is available as a low-density syntactic epoxy tooling board or castable product and can be used to make parts for use in a range of industries, such as aerospace, automotive and marine. The tooling board is compatible with lightweight carbon fiber, polypropylene (PP), and glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP) used in the manufacturing of electric vehicles.

‘Customers can create multiple finished parts directly from TC350, removing the requirement for costly carbon fiber prepregs and improving operational efficiencies,’ said Kerry Lyons, business development manager at Trelleborg. 'The unique castable properties of TC350 mean it can create tooling of any shape or size, from small intricate pieces to large complex designs, without the need for machining, reducing excess material wastage.'

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