Last August, MITO Material Solutions, based in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA, received a US$1.1 million grant to develop hybrid additive dispersions for resin and thermoplastic formulators for composites. The grant came from the US National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research grant program (SBIR) and the Oklahoma Center for Advanced Science and Technology (OCAST) program, the company said.

According to MITO Materials, this grant represented an important step in its aim to fully commercialize its technology and grow the company. The MITO GO-Series non-nanotube Hybrid additives, it said, could help create lighter and more durable composite products for automotive, wind energy, aerospace, and transportation, with an 100% increase in toughness and an 80% reduction in mechanical failure risk. The material also offers a thermal resistivity increase of 12–14 °C.

MITO Materials says that the MITO GO-Series is being targeted initially toward uses that need increased flex and compressive properties such as automotive, sporting goods, and transportation, which have a poor history of stress cracking.

The company was founded and is now led by husband and wife team, Haley Marie Keith, CEO and Kevin Keith, Head of Product and Dr Bhishma Sedai as the head of research and development and PI (Figure 1). The hybrid additive was developed in Oklahoma State University’s Helmerich Research Center in Tulsa by Dr Ranji Vaidyanathan, who is the co-PI.

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