Innovating in parallel with the composites industry, which is constantly looking to optimize its materials and processes, Chomarat has developed a new textile solution.

G-Flow™ is a new structural flow media developed by Chomarat to answer part producers’ demands to achieve improved process performance while reducing cost.

What is G-Flow™?

The unusual structure of this reinforcement delivers very high permeability while maintaining mechanical performance. G-Flow™ is made from continuous glass fibers, the opposite of regular interlaminar flow media, which are usually made from chopped strand fibers (CSM), or continuous fibers but laid out in a non-regular pattern (CFM).

The construction of G-Flow™, with mechanical properties similar to NCF or fabrics, combined with its high permeability, means this new structural flow media can be used inside high-performance laminates. G-Flow™ is specifically suited for large parts, making it a preferred flow-medium reinforcement in structural parts.

G-Flow™, combines the advantages of external flow media (very good permeability) and the efficiency of internal flow media (less external waste in infusion process), and allows for optimal laminate design (G-Flow™ can substitute for a layer of NCF thanks to its long-fibers construction).

G-Flow™ can be produced in multi-compatible sizing, as well as epoxy sizing especially dedicated to wind markets applications.

G-Flow™ can be produced in a range of different areal weights, going from 250 gsm to 1000 gsm.

This article appeared in the Jan/Feb issue of Reinforced Plastics.

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