Additive manufacturing (AM) organization America Makes has announced two challenges for designers and manufacturers to help improve products for Covid-19 health care workers and first responders.  

The first, entitled the Fit to Face Mask Design Challenge, aims to collectively find a solution to the design of 3D printed face masks and involves five critical geometries and dimensions used in the manufacturing of N95 masks being made available to challenge participants for them to develop up to three masks. The deadline is 26 April.

The second challenge, called the Covid-19 Makers Challenge is for teams to submit potential problems stemming from Covid-19 that face first responders and develop solutions to address them. According to America Makes, the challenge will launch on 25 April with teams conducting weeklong virtual evaluations of challenges and culminate with a two-day virtual event  from 2-3 May. During the event, teams will fabricate prototypes of their solutions that are suitable for rapid manufacturing.  

For more information go to the America Makes website or email