Trinseo, a global materials company and manufacturer of plastics, latex binders and synthetic rubber, has introduced an 85% long glass fiber (LGF) polypropylene (PP) concentrate product family for automotive semi-structural applications.

Enlite PP LGF 1851 and 1852 reportedly have the highest glass fiber concentration (85%) of any PP LGF concentrate available commercially for automotive semi-structural applications, which helps reduce the weight of interior parts at a lower total cost when compared to steel and aluminum.
‘We know that lightweight is more than a trend in the automotive industry; it’s a necessity,’ said Dagmar van Heur, vice president, Performance Plastics. We’ve also seen an increasing need for cost-effective semi-structural parts, and our new Enlite LGF 1851 technology is a direct response to these demands.’

Enlite products are suitable for instrument panels, door modules, front-end modules, tailgates, and other interior and semi-structural applications that require a balance of dimensional stability, heat resistance and weight optimization.

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