Anaglyph's PlyMatch ply placement technology.
Anaglyph's PlyMatch ply placement technology.

PlyMatch is designed to ensure accurate ply placement for hand lay-up manufacturing of composite parts. Anaglyph says PlyMatch Part is part software, part hardware, and can replace or complement traditional ply placement aids, as it overcomes their limitations when it comes to highly curved or complex shapes.

The system can also video record the ply placement procedure for quality control.

Analyph, a UK company specialising in advanced composites design, analysis and manufacturing software, reports that PlyMatch has already been adopted by a number of manufacturers of composite parts working in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Applied Composites Engineering, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, is supplier of aviation and aerospace products and services.

PlyMatch is an extension to Anaglyph's software products Laminate Tools, CoDA and LAP.