The new curing solutions will offer more sustainable alternatives to the conventional, cobalt-based systems currently in use.

“Anticipating increasing environmental pressure on cobalt, both DSM and AkzoNobel have been working independently for several years on the development of cobalt-free resin curing systems”, says Alain Rynwalt, sBU Director Marketing & Sales XTP EMEA for AkzoNobel Functional Chemicals.

“The two companies have successfully scaled up the technologies and both have filed a broad range of patents covering many types of accelerator systems and materials. Combining these technologies will bring viable, leading-edge solutions to the whole composites industry.”

“The agreement will open up access to the combined technologies of DSM and AkzoNobel through sub-licensing, providing genuine alternatives to cobalt-based accelerator systems for all composite component and resin manufacturers,” adds Wilfrid Gambade, President, DSM Composite Resins.

Further details will be announcements at the JEC Europe 2012 trade show in Paris in March.