Chem-Trend, which makes release agents and other molding products, is expanding the availability of its DilutionIQ System to more customers in China, Europe, and North America, with availability to India, South America, and other parts of Asia in the future.

The system allows for remote monitoring of the release agent process, the company says.

The system consists of a fluid meter panel and a display panel. Users are provided with remote access to the DilutionIQ System through a web application, allowing them to monitor its status, and view the dilution ratio and alarm history. The system stores historical data for every batch mixed. Alarm limits can be set by the userd, and outputs are provided to communicate alarms locally if desired.

‘We created the DilutionIQ System to provide our customers with constant, consistent, and connected real-time monitoring of die-lube and release-agent mixing system dilution ratios,’ said Bret Miller, executive vice president of sales at Chem-Trend.

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