Chem-Trend, which makes release agents, purging compounds and mold maintenance products, has received three safety awards from the US-based National Safety Council (NSC), a group dedicated to promoting and improving safety.

Chem-Trend USA employees were presented with a Perfect Record Award for at least 12 consecutive months without a lost day incident (LDI), a Million Work Hours Award for reaching at least one million work hours without an LDI and an Occupational Excellence Achievement Award for low injury and illness rates and no fatalities, which qualifies the company for an Industry Leader Award.

‘Not only do these awards recognize the exceptional commitment to high safety standards, they also represent the collective efforts by every single Chem-Trend employee in reaching such impressive safety performance,’ said John Lundin, vice president and general manager, North America, Chem-Trend. ‘Thank you to each team member for making workplace safety a top priority at Chem-Trend.’

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