Web Industries Inc has opened a ply cutting and kitting operation at its Atlanta-based Composites Center of Excellence.

The new facility includes five cutting tables, laser guidance devices and quality control systems with video systems positioned above the cutting tables for records management and traceability for every product.

According to CAD Cut General Manager Ben Winters, growing market needs for formatted composite materials and related support services prompted the company’s US$2 million investment in factory space, equipment and highly trained personnel.

‘The Atlanta ply cutting and kitting operation mitigates the risk of supply shortages,’ he said. ‘Here in Georgia, we produce the same product as our Denton, Texas and Montpelier, Vermont plants. If for any reason one plant should experience a disruption, production can shift to the other sites, providing customers with an uninterrupted supply chain.

‘Boeing’s mid-2016 Current Market Outlook forecasts overall demand for nearly 40,000 new commercial airplanes during the next 20 years,’ Winters notes. ‘The report also says the aviation sector will continue to see long-term growth with the commercial fleet doubling in size, and that we can expect to see passenger traffic grow 4.8% a year over the next 20 years. We are equipped and ready to support the aerospace industry’s expanding needs for product and vendor managed inventory solutions over the next decade and beyond.’

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