Materials research company Dynaflow Inc has expanded its range of materials testing services to include testing of composite materials and coatings.

The company can now conduct new testing methods specific to elastomers, composite materials, and thin coatings and has installed a new rig to test the resistance of materials to cavitation and liquid impact. These facilities are used to determine the properties of materials undergoing rapid loading, and help in the selection of the most resistant material.

Dynaflow Inc conducts standard tests such as ASTM G32, G73, G76, G134 as well as erosion tests for liquid droplet and solid particle impact, and cavitation using ultrasonic excitation, hydrodynamic cavitation, and high pressure water jets. Water jet erosion testing is also available in a range of erosion intensities from tens of psi’s to 40,000 psi. Dynaflow also conducts split Hopkinson pressure bar tests to measure materials properties at high rates of strain (∼5,000/s).

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