The two day event aims to supply delegates with the latest composites industry intelligence. Invited speakers will present on topics such as the current standing of the UK industry, opportunities facing the UK manufacturing sector, industry challenges, successes and how the UK supply chain needs to be developed and supported.

The NCC’s Chief Executive, Peter Chivers, will be discussing the various funding support that is available in the UK to support the supply chain for technology, skills and training development. Far-UK will be discussing how an AMSCI loan enabled it to set up their new manufacturing facility as part of the Composites Innovation Cluster project work.

From a technology angle, EPL Composite Solutions will showcase the work it has been evolving through the LOWPRO and ECOPROCESS projects, looking at developing efficient cost-effective processes and materials for thermoplastic composite applications across a variety of end sectors. In addition, Altair UK will present some of the work done under the DATACOMP project which aims to develop a material database to facilitate the use of established virtual prototyping methodologies for composite product development.

Several projects within the programme focus on the importance of planning for the future, making sure new applications are planned for in terms of technology and skills and in doing so putting the UK one step ahead of overseas competitors. With this in mind, partners from within the Composites Innovation Cluster (Royal Holloway University of London and Shakspeare Services) will be talking about strengthening the UK supply chain through planning as well as developing the UK workforce.