RTP Company has developed RTP 100 eXtra Performance (XP) Compounds, a series of thermoplastic compounds which it says have higher strength, modulus and impact properties compared with standard chopped glass fiber polypropylene (PP) compounds.

The compounds have strength, stiffness, and impact resistance performance close to RTP’s Very Long Fiber (VLF) compounds and the lighter weight and chemical resistance of standard PP compounds. They are suitable applications in the automotive, furniture, appliance, storage, industrial/construction, electronics, and energy markets.

When compared to common glass fiber reinforced PP at similar load levels, RTP 100 XP Compounds exhibit up to 20% higher modulus values and twice the impact resistance, the company reports. RTP 100 XP Compounds are also an alternative to nylon or other compounds where moisture can reduce load bearing capabilities.

RTP 100 XP Compounds are available as standard pellets in formulations containing from 10-50 weight % glass fiber reinforcement, and can be injection molded into large or small complex geometries. 

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