The goal of IMAST is to enhance the research capabilities and competitiveness of Campania and southern Italy. By teaming with global corporations and academic institutions IMAST aims to develop novel technologies and local expertise in the area of advanced materials.

As a member of the IMAST consortium Cytec will help direct collaborative projects related to product development and applications engineering research focused on advanced composite materials and structures.

Other IMAST members include Boeing, Alenia Aeronautica, MBDA, the Fiat Research Centre, and the University of Naples.

"Cytec's entry into the structure is an important international recognition for IMAST and strengthens the system by completing the composites value chain," comments Professor Gino Nicolais, President of IMAST.

Participation in IMAST supports Cytec's innovation and growth strategies.

"Cytec's decision to join IMAST highlights our desire to partner with top technology providers around the world to drive innovation," says Carmelo Lo Faro, Cytec Engineered Materials Vice President of Technology. "IMAST represents an excellent example of collaboration between industry and research institutions and our participation will support our technology and talent acquisition roadmaps."

Cytec Engineered Materials, headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, USA, provides advanced materials for aerospace, high-performance industrial and other extreme-demand environments.