DolphiTech says that the DolphiCam TeamCenter software solution integrates with the DolphiCam Ultrasound Camera system, enabling true scalable and team-based NDT.

The need for NDT has risen with the increased use of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP). But NDT equipment is very expensive and training is both costly and time consuming.

“Today’s NDT solutions simply do not scale,” says Jan Olav Endrerud, VP Product and Marketing at DolphiTech. “When DolphiTech was started in 2009, our vision was to create a mobile, user-friendly and powerful NDT tool for composite materials that even non-experts could use. Our DolphiCam is just that tool.”

According to DolphiTech, with DolphiCam TeamCenter an NDT expert can generate inspection procedures containing instructions, photos and sample ultrasound images, as well as embedded camera and material settings. The expert can then share these with their inspection teams anywhere in the world. The field inspectors simply hook up their DolphiCam and perform inspections according to the procedure. A report is automatically created upon completion, which can then be sent back to the NDT expert, insurance companies or other interested parties.

Utilising matrix transducer technology, the DolphiCam system is portable, user-friendly and provides clear 2D and 3D images of internal structures in modern, lightweight materials.