DSM is partnering with additive manufacturing (AM) machine builder Juggerbot 3D to research fused granulate fabrication (FGF) printing.

The two companies plan to develop pellet printers and materials for industrial additive manufacturing. They say that with filler ratios of up to 50%, pellet materials can meet performance requirements while not being bound by the constraints of some other 3D printing technologies.

JuggerBot 3D’s newest printer can process materials such as DSM’s glass-reinforced Arnite AM8527 (G) and the companies also worked together to develop its P3-44 printer, which has a build volume of three feet deep, four feet wide, and four feet tall, and is capable of producing parts up to 200 times faster than other machines, the companies say.

‘The need for pellet materials and printers that are able to produce large-scale applications is evident,’ said Hugo da Silva, VP at DSM. ‘Materials or printers alone are not sufficient for OEMs to adopt the technology. That is why a smoothly running ecosystem is so critical for additive manufacturing to be accepted on the production floor.’

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