The new ultrasonic NDT camera will be used to inspect composite products used in the aerospace and other industries.

Aerospace and defence group EADS, the parent company of Airbus and Eurocopter, says the ultrasonic camera is simple and easy to operate, and "more favourably priced" than existing NDT camera systems.

A prototype will be available by the end of 2012.

“The new system will speed up NDT procedures in manufacturing and maintenance and will help the users to save time and money,” reports Martin Bach, NDT specialist at EADS Innovation Works.

Ultrasound technology

The 3D ultrasonic camera, developed by DolphiTech, a technology company based in Moelv, Norway, could complete the ‘Smart NDT Tools’ product line of mobile NDT systems offered by EADS Innovation Works.

NDT is a method of screening structures – for example an aircraft fuselage – and detecting damage not visible from the outside without destroying the material. Methods used for NDT include radiography, the application of infrared light, electromagnetism or endoscopy. (Source: EADS.)

“The adaptation of our novel ultrasound technology for impact assessment by EADS Innovation Works and the EADS Divisions will open a very attractive global market for our technology,” says DolphiTech managing director Terje Melandso.

“After many years of Research and Development supported by Innovation Norway we have patented the world’s first ultrasonic 2D barcode reader. The cooperation and marketing opportunities within EADS, its suppliers and customers will be very valuable for DolphiTech when we launch the technology on the aerospace market.”