The company was founded in 1888 by George Eastman following his invention of the first electric fabric cutting machine. The company was acquired by the Stevenson family in 1898 and has continued for five generations as a family-owned and operated business based in Buffalo, New York, USA.

Today, Eastman designs and manufactures manually-operated cutting machines and automated (CNC) cutting systems. It also offers complementary software that increases efficiency and reduces operating costs.

For the composites industry, Eastman offers machines to cut glass fibre, Kevlar® and carbon fibre, in dry and prepreg format.

“We are excited that the company has reached this milestone,” says Robert L. Stevenson, Eastman Machine Company President and CEO.

“The continued focus on providing innovative answers to modern manufacturing needs, has positioned the company well for the future; we plan to continue to provide reliable products, services and solutions that benefit our customers.”