The epm canoe measuring jig.
The epm canoe measuring jig.

The equipment is designed to efficiently measure over 500 competition canoes through a pre-race scrutineering process.

"The equipment has already been used in a warm up event at the Cardiff Canoe Slalom World Cup Race 1," explains Graham Mulholland, managing director of epm technology group, Derby, UK, which is best known as a composite component supplier to the aerospace and F1 markets.

"Now proven they are all ready for the main event, the Olympic Races to be held at Lee Valley White Water Centre from 29th July to 2nd August.”

The project developed into a dry run for epm's new project engineering/knowledge exchange services, which in time will be helping customers to solve problems.

We are obviously very pleased to be involved in any way with the London summer Games. This is especially interesting to me as in my younger days I was a slalom canoeist and my competition canoe was made from composite materials which regularly needed a repair and that’s the spark which contributed to the development of epm technology group, which I started in 1996."
Graham Mulholland, managing director, epm technology

“In our immediate past there has been a 12 m yacht table for the world’s most expensive privately owned yacht, 7.2 m clock hands for The Harmony Clock Tower in China and now this critical calibrated measuring equipment for the summer games; these have all gone through a formal process to support new customers to composites, explains Mulholland.

"It therefore makes sense to formalise these activities into their own division, offering chargeable services. This is all about knowledge and technology delivery.”