Masterbond, which makes epoxies and adhesives amongst other materials, has developed Master Bond EP17HTDA-1, a one component epoxy that can also be used for bonding and sealing.

Master Bond says that EP17HTDA-1 does not require any mixing for use and is curable in the temperature range of 300-350°F in short durations. According to the company, it bonds well to composites as well as a wide variety of substrates, such as metals, ceramics and plastics.. Upon curing, it delivers a tensile lap shear strength of 2,400-2,600 psi and a tensile strength of 9,000-10,000 psi. It also has minimal shrinkage upon curing.

This system features an die shear strength of 24-27 kg-f and can be used in a typical die size ranging from 4-400 mm2. EP17HTDA-1 has temperature resistance with a service temperature range of -80°F to +600°F [-62°C to +316°C] and a Tg of 195-205°C. It can withstand a variety of chemicals including acids, bases, salts, fuels, oils and many solvents.

‘EP17HTDA-1 has the ideal viscosity and flow for die attach applications,’ said Rohit Ramnath, senior product engineer. ‘It has a high glass transition temperature (Tg) and also offers excellent electrical insulation properties, even at elevated temperatures and low exotherm upon curing.’ 

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