Far-UK Ltd has also started the development of four new processes under the Composite Innovation Cluster project.

Far-UK Ltd expects to bring at least two processes to market during the project. Code-named Process 1-4, the most advanced of these is Process 4 and the company exhibited a composite wheelchair manufactured using this process at JEC Paris.

Far-UK also won the North West Automotive Alliance Annual Innovation Award for this process. The process is designed to enable niche vehicle manufacturers to produce complex shapes with carbon fibre, with the aim of being a cost comparable solution with aluminium, and offering significant weight reduction through the use of composites.

In August 2013 Far-UK Ltd acquired a controlling interest in Axon Automotive Ltd. FAR-UK adds that it has been working with Axon on a number of projects, including the Composites Innovation Cluster, and the links between the two companies have been getting stronger over this period. Both companies say that they are already achieving benefits by sharing some overheads and see the strong relationship between the two companies proving an asset to both businesses. As the two businesses have different offerings and strategic aims they will continue to be run as separate limited liability companies.