SP Nano Ltd, a specialist in nanotechnology for enhanced textiles and composite materials, has received US$850,000 in grant funding from the US-Israel Bi-national Industrial Research & Development (BIRD) Foundation to develop a system for graphene enhanced carbon fiber sizing with its USA based partner, Graphene Technologies, Inc.

 ‘This is a clear recognition of the breadth of our SP1 technology as we will begin work on a new substrate, graphene, which has a number of very exciting industrial applications,’ said Eyal Shpilberg, CEO of SP Nano.

SP Nano says that it has successfully coated an industrial quantity of polyester yarn with its SP1 solution for rubber reinforcement, which took place inside the international facility of a large textile company. The initial indications are that SP1 can replace Resorcinol Formaldehyde Latex (RFL), the toxic additive commonly used today, and has additional improvements to the yarn both in weight and flexibility. The coated yarn will be tested in the next few weeks by various international end customers, which will be the last milestone before commencing initial commercial sales.

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