Fully dense Nanovate metal on a carbon composite part.
Fully dense Nanovate metal on a carbon composite part.

The patent number is US 8,247,050.

Toronto-based Integran's electroplated “Nanovate™” metals enable customers to benefit from the added strength and stiffness these metals bring, but also keep gases and liquids from penetrating the coated parts. The company says designers can now also look at using composites for creating vacuum-tight products such as pressure vessels and hydraulic actuator rods and cylinders with a surface that is as durable as a hardened tool steel.

This technology is also an essential part of Integran’s programmes to make durable, low thermal expansion lay-up moulds for aerospace composite manufacturing.

“A porosity-free high strength nanostructured metal, like our series of Nanovate coatings, is ideally suited for customers that require a multifunctional coating that can deliver both a gas/liquid impermeable barrier as well as a surface with high wear resistance and toughness," says Jon McCrea, Integran’s Research and Development Manager.

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