Intertek, a global provider of quality and safety services, has invested in a range of lab equipment to improve its advanced composites materials testing capabilities.

The company is now able to offer non-destructive testing (NDT) capabilities. NDT is an important step in validating the reliability of materials, helping to ensure consistent, fast manufacturing of composites for automotive and aerospace applications.

The new equipment has been installed at Intertek’s Plastics Technology Laboratory in Massachusetts, USA, and includes devices that can verify the quality of composite material and scan for damage or material inconsistency prior to verification of mechanical properties.  The equipment rounds out Intertek’s capabilities for specimen preparation, from tabbing and machining to mechanical evaluation using 250kN load frames with Align-Pro for Poisson’s ratio, tensile, compression and shear of high-strength materials used in structural reinforced applications.

Pre-screen composites

‘As part of our ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to our customers, our non-destructive testing capabilities allow Intertek to pre-screen composites panels before long-term exposure or extensive mechanical evaluations,’ said James Galipeau, director at Intertek Pittsfield. 

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