US company MVP has been developing technology for the composites industry for over 60 years, including internal mix dispensing systems and guns, closed mould technology (RTM Light and Flex Molding Process™) and systems for filament winding, flat panel production and automated fibre placement.

Looking ahead, MVP President Tom Hedger realised MVP is in a unique position as a company big enough to take on the challenges of developing new technology to process the latest materials, but small enough to ensure each customer has the best support for their products.

“MVP is the very definition of innovative flexibility,” says Hedger. “Our 100+ years of combined experience, coupled with our ability to respond to growing and more diverse applications across a broad spectrum of industries such as aerospace, defence, energy, infrastructure and recreational vehicles, with a multitude of standard products and engineered solutions for new and advanced composite materials, sets us apart from any other equipment manufacturer in the composites industry.”

To ensure that MVP stays at the forefront of composites technology, Hedger instituted several changes within the company, including a focus on engineering new technologies to meet the needs of the new sectors using composites. He also placed an emphasis on providing innovative solutions that serve a broad spectrum of composites manufacturers.

This has resulted in systems that provide the precise high-volume metering needed for parts such as wind turbine blades and the flexibility to meter materials of different compositions and viscosities, to the systems designed for precise metering at low flow rates with materials such as epoxies, urethanes and silicones.

With the new emphasis on expanding the scope of MVP products, the company has also introduced a new logo, reflecting its commitment to being the number one global supplier of composites solutions, all available from one source.