Thermo Fisher Scientific has released two electron microscopes suitable for materials and life science research.

The company’s new Helios 5 Plasma Focused Ion Beam (PFIB) DualBeam and Helios 5 Hydra DualBeam focused ion beam scanning electron microscopes (FIB-SEMs) can cover duties such as metals and battery characterization and structural biology.

Compared to the previous generation, the new Helios 5 PFIB product has higher throughput and better-quality characterization with more precise sample preparation and higher-quality subsurface and 3D analysis, Thermo Fisher said.

‘The Helios 5 PFIB and Helios 5 Hydra combine the first fully automated solution on the market with high-quality sample preparation and large-volume 3D analysis for the broadest range of samples,’ said John Sos, president of materials and structural analysis at Thermo Fisher. ‘Researchers can characterize multiple material and biological types at the nanoscale level faster and easier than ever before, obtaining the precise, localized structural data required to accelerate their academic and industrial research.’

In particular, the Helios 5 Hydra DualBeam provides four distinct ion species — oxygen, argon, xenon and nitrogen — so researchers can select the specific ion beam to achieve the best results for their sample. Materials scientists can use the oxygen ion beam to obtain optimized results for carbon-based materials, such as carbon fiber reinforced composites, to help develop safer, lighter and stronger materials for the automotive or aerospace industries.

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