Resin Spray Transfer (RST) aims to provide an automated serial production process for the automotive industry, capable of cheaply and efficiently mass producing carbon fibre composite parts with a Class A finish.

The RST process involves spraying hot thermoset resin directly onto a chilled mould that instantly solidifies the resin. A long strand dry fibre preform is then placed onto the tool covering the solidified resin. Using Quickstep’s patented fluid-based curing process, the resin and preform are then heated, which melts the frozen resin and wets out the preform.

According to Quickstep, this process delivers a Class A automotive finish, dramatically reduces manufacturing time and costs, and increases manufacturing rates.

In November 2011, Quickstep was appointed to lead a joint development project supported by the German government and a leading German car manufacturer to develop new manufacturing solutions for composite parts for the automotive industry.