These composite pressure vessels are used for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) storage and transport.

“Our new 400 m2 facility will give us plenty of room to build and test composite cylinders," explains Axel Seifert, Managing Associate of SSA.

"There is great interest in these kinds of products right now and the extra room will allow us to accommodate this demand. Adding the new testing equipment allows us to offer a full set of services to our clients. We can do all of the prototype fabrication and most of the testing needed for LPG and CNG tank certifications now in house.”

Nicolas Gervais, SSA Associate, is the new testing facility manager. Kristof Wecks, SSA Associate, will remain manager of the composites laboratory. The new facility will meet the ISO 9001 standards.

SSA has also announced the addition of Leo Ericksen as a Senior Associate. Ericksen has worked in the composite industry for many years, beginning at Thiokol and recently working as Director of Marketing and Sales for TCR Composites, a maker of prepreg products. He will be responsible for all Composicad filament winding software sales in North America and other selected regions around the world.

SSA specialises in filament winding technology, providing key production solutions for composite pressure vessels for LPG, CNG and other compressed gases.