Victrex says that it wants to produce complex parts.
Victrex says that it wants to produce complex parts.

PEEK specialist Victrex has acquired tooling design and processing technology which it says could improve its molding process.

Production to Functional Specification (PtFS), developed by UK company Surface Generation uses hardware and software to manage multiple part areas during processing and help reduce energy consumption, injection processing pressures and cycle times. 

Victrex says that it wants to produce complex parts that may have limitations from traditional tooling designs used in injection or compression molding due to heating and cooling profiles of existing techniques in the tools.

‘We believe that the advantages of PtFS processing, where crucial controls can be applied to temperature levels in real time in the tool, could be a major advancement for our parts programs, such as medical or automotive gears and potentially in aerospace composite solutions,’ said Jakob Sigurdsson, CEO at Victrex.  

Victrex has also invested a small equity stake in Surface Generation.

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