Toray Advanced Composites has acquired a new high heat laminate press at its facility in Nijverdal, The Netherlands.

According to the company, the press will be used to make Toray Cetex reinforced thermoplastic composite laminates suitable for high-temperature applications with resin systems including polyether ether ketone (PEEK), polyether ketone ketone (PEKK) and low melting polyarylether ketone (LMPAEK).

Laminates made using the high-temperature press are available with woven fabric, unidirectional and hybrid reinforcement configurations and are 50% larger than existing laminates in this performance category, Toray says. The increased size can help broaden the adoption of high-performance thermoplastic composite materials to include larger part geometries across both aerospace and industrial applications.

The press, which works up to 400°C, fully consolidates the Cetex laminates in the press, eliminating the need for secondary layup and consolidation stages. Functionality, such as antigalvanic corrosion and lightning strike protection, can also be integrated into the laminate at the point of consolidation, according to the company.

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