The APTIV film-based release films will be marketed by Umeco under the VAC-PAK® brand name.

APTIV film is said to be ideal for higher temperature composite processing because of its inherent release properties, excellent strength and toughness, purity and high temperature performance.

Used in aerospace, military, marine and industrial composite processing applications, release films are utilised during composites manufacture, and placed between the lamination and a breather fabric. They function as a slip-sheet so the finished laminate can be easily removed from the fabric.

“Traditional release materials include Tedlar PVF film and various fluoropolymers,” explains Adam Black, Global Business Development Manager, Umeco Process Materials.

“When compared to these materials, APTIV film is stronger at elevated temperatures allowing for faster processing and more efficient manufacture of complex parts.”

The release film has a use temperature up to 315°C, which is compatible with typical aerospace composite requirements. It has a tensile strength of 125 MPa, elongation > 120% and a yield of 23-33 g/m2. In addition, the APTIV based release film has excellent chemical resistance and low moisture absorption. The film does not degrade when exposed to the extreme conditions of the composite manufacturing process, and has excellent drapability to facilitate design freedom and ease of processing for parts with complex geometries.

Umeco will supply VICTREX PEEK polymer-based films for release, processing and bagging films for composite part production, and providing expertise in value-added processing including slitting, perforation and technical service.