Nova Institute has announced the nominees of its Biocomposite of the Year award.
Nova Institute has announced the nominees of its Biocomposite of the Year award.

Nova Institute has announced the nominees of its Biocomposite of the Year award.

They are as follows:

Bcomp PowerRibs, a reinforcing grid inspired by the thin veins in leaves that provides maximum stiffness at minimum weight. The result is a 75% lower CO2 footprint, 30% lower costs and improved safety without toxic dust and sharp shattering, as well as viable end-of-life options. The powerRibs are also used to make automotive interior panels up to 40% lighter.

HOMEcap coffee capsules make from a compound comprising PTTMCCs PBS and PBSA mixed with sunflower seed shells and inorganic fillers. The material composition results in low oxygen transmission rates, which makes it possible to avoid additional barrier packaging and is therefore saving waste.

Recell biocomposite, a biocomposite made from recovered toilet paper (a tertiary cellulose source) mixed with a variety of polymers such as bio-resins, PLA or PHA. The granulate is suitable for standard injection molding and extrusion operations. The Recell cellulose fibers are produced from sewage treatment plants (STPs).

Lingrove veneers for composites, including the Ekoa product line with flax fibers and vegetable resins.  The veneer has a higher stiffness/weight ratio than steel, is lighter than carbon fiber and has the look of vintage wood. 

OrganoComp, a patented, 100% bio-based material made of Swedish wood fibers. The binder is based on biopolymers from side streams in the food and pulp industry, such as orange peels and shrimp shells. OrganoComp is produced with a patented production technology for 3D fiber molding and is replacing particle boards used in burial coffins that contain synthetic glues.

BioLite, a polypropylene reinforced up to 30% hemp fibers delivered in granulates for injection molding machines. The use of hemp fibers in BioLite can improve the material properties for applications such as the DOMETIC COOLFUN SC 30B thermoelectric cooler.

Nova Institute says that the award winner will be chosen at the ‘8th Biocomposites Conference Cologne’, taking plac in Cologne, Germany from 14 to 15 November 2019.

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