Glass fiber giant Owens Corning has announced the North American launch of its PulStrand 4100 roving.

According to the company, the product, introduced in Europe in early 2015, has improved processing qualities, strength, and fatigue resistance in a multi-compatible product for polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, and polyurethane resin systems. It could provide faster line speeds while reducing downtime, scrap, and labor, and could improve the modulus and durability of pultruded profiles for a variety of markets.

The sizing chemistry of PulStrand 4100 allows for improved resin-to-glass adhesion and uniform wet-out, by more than 50% when compared to existing products, according to company tests. There is also a reduction of fuzz formation of up to 92%, less part bowing, and deformation and improved humidity resistance. The sizing also allows for increased glass content (higher modulus) and helps to improve the flexural, shear, and compressive strength of composite products, Owens Corning says.

The PulStrand 4100 product covers a tex range of between 600-9600 and can be customized to specific application requirements.

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