Master Bond has developed a new one part, silver filled epoxy adhesive that is not premixed and frozen and reportedly has an unlimited working life at room temperature.

Master Bond Supreme 3HTS-80 is a volume resistivity of less than 0.05 ohm-cm which exhibits a hardness of 50-60 Shore D and a high thermal conductivity over 20-25 BTU•in/(ft2•hr•°F) on curing. The company says that the 100% reactive epoxy bonds well to metals, composites, glass, ceramics, and many plastics. It can also withstand thermal cycling and shock with a service operating temperature range from -100°F to +350°F (-73°C to +177°C).

‘While typical heat activated epoxies require 250°F to 350°F to cure, Supreme 3HTS-80 cures at 175°F to 185°F within 2-3 hours,’ said Rohit Ramnath, senior product engineer. ‘Curing at such temperatures makes this system advantageous for bonding applications involving heat sensitive substrates.’

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