Solvay has introduced a new line of products for binder, color and performance systems. The new products reportedly deliver improved emulsion stability, particle-size control, adhesion to difficult substrates, pigment wetting and dispersion, color acceptance, compatibility and workability. They have high scrub, stain and water resistance and offer open-time or freeze-thaw improvement for the development of environmentally friendly formulations intended for architectural paints, industrial coatings, adhesives and printing inks. 

Binder products include Rhodasurf, Rhodafac, Rhodapex and Aerosol surfactant solutions, as well as the Sipomer PAM, WAM and B CEA series of APE and VOC-free specialty adhesion monomers which can improve adhesion to metals such as aluminum, cold rolled steel and other difficult substrates. 

Color products include Rhodoline 3000 and 4000 dispersants for water-based pigment concentrates which help provide improved color intensity, color acceptance improvement, high stability and viscosity, facilitating the development of formulations intended for different applications in architectural paints, industrial coatings and printing inks. Rhodoline WA 265N is a new VOC and APE-free, low-foaming wetting and dispersing agent designed for waterborne architectural paints for improved pigment wetting, color compatibility and stability properties. 

Performance products include Rhodoline CL 3101, an odor-free, low-VOC, coalescent agent designed for waterborne architectural paints, which provides improved film-forming properties without compromising paint performance. Rhodoline OTE 600 is a VOC-free, open-time extender, which can help improve the workability of low- to zero-VOC paints. This product enables paint formulators to lower VOC content by removing glycols in their formulations. 

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