Call for Papers:  Composites Part C Journal targets Bioenvironmental Polymers research with new Special Issue

The Journal’s Editors are inviting papers that highlight research dedicated to bridging sustainability gaps via reshaped polymers and mindsets. Reshaped in this context describes redesigning all facets of plastics, for example raw materials; processing; in-use and end-use properties; societal impacts; and education.

The Special Issue has been launched alongside the 27th Meeting of the BioEnvironmental Polymer Society (BEPS) – which was held in June 2021 - and hopes to reflect key topics of importance to the composites industry (and to the wider materials community) including biodegradability and sustainability; synthesis of bio-based polymers and composites; and advances in polymer manufacturing.

Special issue topic suggestions

  • Bio-based and recycled fibres and their incorporation into composite materials;
  • Innovative developments in processing bio-based plastics and composites;
  • Bio-based composites, coatings, adhesives, foams, and plastics and their structure-property relationships;
  • Studies of polymer and polymer composite biodegradability (soil, marine, compost, anaerobic digestion) and other end-of-life options;
  • Life-cycle analyses of bio-based polymers and polymeric composites"

For any inquiries about the appropriateness of contribution topics, please contact the Guest Editor Prof. Joseph Stanzione, III via

Further Information:

  • Note: Composites Part C is a fully Gold Open Access Journal. Submissions to this Special Issue received in 2021 (and subsequently accepted), all Article Publishing Charges (APCs) will be fully waived.
  • Final submission deadline: 30-September-2021
  • Please submit your paper here and select the relevant Special Issue category: