2nd Frontiers of Computational Physics Conference: Energy

Computational science complements the classical paradigm of theory and experimental observation, and can lead in areas where neither is available. Computational models play an essential role in diagnosis and prognosis of all elements in Energy Sciences, from fusion and nuclear energy through green energy, alternative energy applications, to subsurface modeling. The interaction of computational models with experiments though uncertainty quantification techniques is envisioned as guide future research questions in the field. This second four-day Conference on Frontiers in Computational Physics will provide a forum for exchanging and sharing experiences, knowledge and on advanced computational techniques, methods, and models for simulation Energy systems.

Topics include:

  • Combustion
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Renewable Energy (solar, wind and wave energy)
  • Energy and Information technology (HPC, Computer Cooling, Batteries)
  • Energy Conversion, Storage and Exploration (geothermal, oil exploration, turbines)

Confirmed presenters:

  • Nikolaus Adams, Institute of Aerodynamics, Technical University of Munich, Germany 
  • Jacqueline H Chen, Sandia National Laboratories, CA, USA
  • Robert D Moser, University of Texas, Austin, TX, USA 
  • Bruno Michel (IBM), Zurich Research Laboratory, IBM, Switzerland
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