The Design for Powder Metallurgy Seminar will mainly focus on the design of Powder Metallurgy (PM) structural parts. Participants will be shown PM's advantages and techniques by leading experts from both industry and academia.

After the introduction on Powder Metallurgy (processes, materials and a comparison with alternative technologies), the mechanical behaviour of PM materials will be discussed in correlation to porosity and in relation to the microstructural features of PM steels. The two main damage mechanisms of structural parts, fatigue and contact fatigue, will be discussed in detail.

The guidelines imposed by the key step of the technology, i.e. by shaping, will be presented to introduce the topic on design, which will continue with the specific description of design for fatigue and, as an example, of a PM gear and three other case studies.

This intensive 2-day training course will be beneficial to designers, particularly in the automotive sector and to technical and managerial personnel, as well as end users who wish to gain a more comprehensive idea of designing by the PM process.