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Manufacturers of high quality multilayer optical coatings require reliable methods to accurately measure optical performance of thin fi lm materials. Traditionally this is accomplished using two separate measurements: normal incidence transmission (T), typically conducted within the sample chamber of a spectrophotometer, and near normal refl ectance (R) measurements, which require the use of a separate refl ectance accessory. Ensuring that both measurements are made from exactly the same patch on the sample is diffi cult using this approach due to sample repositioning during changes in instrument confi guration between R and T measurements. However, a recent development by Agilent Technologies, the Cary 7000 UMS overcomes this limitation by measuring multi-angle transmission and absolute reflection measurements from exactly the same point of a sample’s surface, without sample repositioning. This method eliminates systematic errors often introduced due to small variations in angle of incidence (AOI) when a variety of %R and %T measurement techniques are employed.

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